Global Services

Global Services

Most UltraMAP clients access a balanced range of coherent offerings.

UltraMAP Software

Specialist Software Development.

World class software and support services to protect the world’s most important subsea assets.


Our Flagship Marine Asset Monitoring and Protection Software Product.

AssetMonitor is one of the world’s longest established and most used Marine Asset Monitoring and Protection Software Products.

UltraMAP Monitoring Services

Manned Monitoring & Hardware. Guard Vessels & Marine Liaison.

UltraMAP Monitoring Services is considered, on-top/wraparound services for AssetMonitor.

UltraMAP Data Services

Providing accurate, current and insightful marine data.

UltraMAP Data Services provide some of the most detailed and comprehensive marine vessel behaviour and analysis data in the world.

UltraMAP Global Ecosystem

Global Service Partners & Global Distribution Partners.

Enhancing UltraMAP’s global protection credentials to include local knowledge and carefully selected additional layers of capacity and protection.



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    About Us

    ULTRAMAP is a truly global and ‘Always On’ organisation. Right now we are actively monitoring assets worth billions of pounds in every ocean of the world.