UltraMAP Data Services

UltraMAP Data Services

Providing Accurate, Current and Insightful Marine Data.

UltraMAP Data Services provide some of the most detailed and comprehensive marine vessel behaviour and analysis data in the world.

Increasingly, organisations both client and non-client want to access UltraMAP’s extensive vessel behaviour and analysis data, as captured by our AssetMonitor software. So UltraMAP Data Services was created.

Over a decade of archived data helps us (and you) to pinpoint and understand cable strikes and other hazard hot-spots, trends and common vessel behaviour, busy shipping route patterns, heavily populated fishing areas and more.

Information can be analysed to pre-emptively predict future problems based on volume of ocean traffic or of subsea activity such as trawling.

The UltraMAP Data Services team produce statistical and geographical reports as required and can also provide temporary access to AssetMonitor as part of any study.

If you can imagine it – we can probably do it.

Video, Demos and Library

Video: Global Service: UltraMAP Data Services.
Demos: Visit our Video and Demo Centre.
Library: Search AssetMonitor in our Library for a Deeper Dive.



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