UltraMAP Software

UltraMAP Software

Specialist Software Development.

UltraMAP is our specialist software development brand, dedicated to developing world class software and support services to protect the world’s most important subsea assets.

UltraMAP’s first creation was AssetMonitor our flagship web-based monitoring system for subsea assets protecting them from harm. Since then, UltraMAP has managed the growth of AssetMonitor and the building of strategic integrations that have allowed AssetMonitor to be used, for example:

• In partnership with specialist hardware
• To accept and map data from GPS monitors
• To accept and react to in-situ monitoring devices
• On board project, guard and patrol vessels

UltraMAP HQ is in the North of England, with monitoring teams around the world and an expanding Global Ecosystem.

Video, Demos and Library

Video: Global Service: UltraMAP Software.
Demos: Visit our Video and Demo Centre.
Library: Search AssetMonitor in our Library for a Deeper Dive.



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    About Us

    ULTRAMAP is a truly global and ‘Always On’ organisation. Right now we are actively monitoring assets worth billions of pounds in every ocean of the world.