Mini Case Study: Telstra.



The Challenge.

Telstra is a leading Australia-based tier-one telecommunications and information services company. From their headquarters in Hong Kong, they provide customers with a range of solutions across data, voice, satellite and managed network services. They own and operate a pan-Asian submarine cable network that has 21 cable landing stations and extends from India to the US.

The Solution.

AssetMonitor began by protecting Telstra’s cables landing in Singapore, and soon expanded to also incorporate cables landing in Hong Kong from the South China Sea. We alert them to any vessel exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviour so they can initiate evasive action.

As our working relationship matured, UltraMAP expanded protection to new geographies incorporating cables landing at Hong Kong and Northern Taiwan. Telstra is now using our 24/7 monitoring services who intervene when any vessel generates an alarm around Telstra’s cables.

Customer Success.

“It works! Preventing potential cable faults, particularly from indiscriminate anchoring, is an integral part of overall preventive maintenance to keep operating costs down.” Howard Hoo. Senior Manager.


Hong Kong and Singapore.


2013 – present.

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