Submarine Networks WORLD 2019.

UltraMAP to present at the 2019 Submarine Networks WORLD exhibition in Singapore in September.

UltraMAP is our software development hub that is obsessively focused on security.

Submarine Networks WORLD 2019.

UltraMAP will be present at the 2019 Submarine Networks WORLD exhibition in Singapore in September.

With over 800 visitors and 120 speakers, it’s the world’s biggest annual submarine communications gathering.

And because of UltraMAP’s truly global footprint – it’s important we are there.

Global Network

Cable owners, investors and operators from many of the world’s latest and most significant cable projects will be telling their stories. And we learn so much from hearing them – first hand.

Projects presenting include RTI Cable Network, H2, Peace Cable, MAREA, Blue Med Cable, Orient Express and SJC2.

Seriously Beautiful. Serious Business.

Singapore is a seriously beautiful place.

And things are getting serious in the world of global submarine cables, too.

The world’s subsea cable capacity is forecast to grow by 143% by 2022.

So protection of our undersea network’s mission critical infrastructure, supporting today’s fast-paced global economy, was never more important.

We’ll let you know what we learn later this year.


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